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Nuotykių ieškotojams ir besidžiaugiantiems gyvenimu

About us 

For the adventurous & joyful lovers


We are a photographer's family based in Lithuania, available worldwide. We believe that wedding photography doesn't have to be boring, so we always embracing ourselves to create something bigger, extraordinary and artistic. 

As a wedding photographers, we search for exquisite locations matching with particular couples. It's inspiring because first of all the photography is always about the people. 

So after 8 years of being in this business we are both here, equal partners, wedding photographers. And we can safely say that for us, wedding photography is much more than photography, more than just a job.. And we know it all started even before we took the cameras in our hands.


How do we feel now? Gratefull. Gratefull for our passion for life, creativity and people. Because you’re not just making photos, you’re making relationships. In fact, some photos are even impossible if you don’t have a connection with people.


What drives us forward? It's the knowledge that something more and something bigger is waiting for us. We rejoice in being in the moment when we can do what leads us forward.


"Marriage doesn't come by a document, it's something from above"




Phone: +370 662 35 007  

Instagram: @sakyksuris


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